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Call Us Today for Your Free Quick Quote 416-662-9263

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Regardless of the Hammerschlag services you choose to improve your home, you can rely on the following to be true:

  • Your input will be sought out, appreciated and incorporated
  • Your safety and the protection of your property are top priorities
  • Only the most up-to-date tools, techniques and technologies will be used
  • The most environmentally-friendly methods and materials are chosen whenever possible
  • All work will be completed with minimal interruption to your time and home
  • Our goal is to improve your home, your enjoyment of it and its value

Exterior Improvements


It's the setting for your home and the place you and your family go for relaxation and recreation. Let us help you make your landscape everything it can be with a custom analysis, professional design and quality construction.

Basement Waterproofing

Whether you’re having problems with a leaky basement from outside water or you’re looking to prepare for rain and flood weather, we offer quality waterproofing.


From stucco to staining, window frames to garage doors; a new coat is the quickest, easiest home improvement you can do.


Whether you need a new roof or a repair; shingles, clay roofing or wood; for flat roofs or gables, you can depend on the finest materials and professional installation to protect your home.

Windows & Doors

Beautiful, well-made replacement doors and windows will make your home look better, save you money on energy costs and improve your property value.

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Interior Improvements


Don't move. Avoid the headaches and still have the home you've always wanted with a custom-built addition and add a new garage, entirely new floor or a complete re-build of your home.

Flooring & Tile

You have more choice in flooring than you think. From hardwoods, to tile and vinyl, let us help you select the best flooring for every part of your home and professionally install it so it looks its best and lasts longest.


Painting is the first step in creating an interior décor that reflects your personality and style, having it done by skilled professional makes sense.

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